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Please read the following policies carefully before signing. The terms “You” and “Your” shall refer to guardian(s) and student(s), and the terms “We” and “Our” shall refer to Elite School of Music (ESOM).

1. Registration and Payments
A non-refundable registration fee of $25.00+GST must be paid once per school year upon registration for any lessons or programs. There is only one registration fee per family.

2. Your Commitment to Pay
By registering at standard rate, you acknowledge that you are committing to register and pay for the whole school year, from the time and date of registration until the end of the upcoming June. Tuition fees for standard rate will be paid in the following installments: September to January, and then February to June. Pay-as-you-go rates will be paid in monthly instalments. Accepted forms of payment are credit cards, cheques (including post-dated cheques), and exact cash.

>3. Your Responsibilities
The first term—fall—is from September to January. The second term—winter—is from February to June. The third term—summer—is from July to August, and is optional to attend. You are responsible for knowing when lessons resume after breaks or holidays. Notices will be posted around school facilities at least one week before a break or holiday, indicating when lessons will resume. Should you fail to show up after lessons have resumed—regardless of the reason—you will be charged for any missed lessons. Only with advance notice cancellation will the charges be waived. Once you have registered and paid the registration fee, we reserve the right to charge for any missed lessons not covered by our cancellation policy (see section 4).

4. Cancellations (Late or Missed Lessons)
Students who are more than 10 minutes late for their lesson without prior notification will forfeit their lesson for the day, with no refund or make-up lesson given. In the case of a missed lesson, students may either receive a 15-20 min instructional video or a live online instructional session during their scheduled time slots if proper notice is given. Lessons will not be re-scheduled. Make-up lessons will be given by online instructional videos OR live online lessons only. Regarding make-up lessons – only if students give a three-hour notice to the school prior to their lessons via phone call, voicemail, or email, then a make-up lesson will be prepared for the student by an instructor in the form of a 15-20 minute instructional video. Students must ensure that their contact information is always up to date with the administration office. Necessary contact information includes phone numbers and email addresses that they can be reached at. If a student is unable to make it to a lesson (and does not want a make-up lesson by instructional video), they may request to have a live online lesson with an instructor during their scheduled time-slot, provided they give prior notice to the school of their absence, and of their online lesson request. This option requires students to have internet access and a working electronic device that will allow them to video-call with an instructor. For students who miss their lessons for 2 weeks in a row or more without any given notice, the school reserves the right to schedule another student to take over that time slot without a refund for the absent student.

5. Late Payments or Non-sufficient Funds (NSF)
Tuition fees must be paid prior to the beginning of lessons. You are responsible for knowing when payment is due, whether at standard or pay-as-you-go rates. Due to the difficulty of tracking and processing outstanding payments, a late payment fee of $6.00 will be charged for every additional week that any payment is late. As well, a processing fee of $30.00 will be applied to your account for every NSF cheque or declined pre-authorized credit card transaction processed by ESOM. Lessons will be suspended until you have reconciled your account.

6. Termination of Lessons
A 30-day official notice is required for terminations at standard rate, and a 14-day official notice is required for terminations at pay-as-you-go rate. Students withdrawing at any time for non-medical reasons are not eligible for any refunds. For medical-related withdrawals, we require written notice from both a physician or other medical professional and the guardian(s). Should you decide to withdraw, you will be charged until the end of the notice period, and then the remainder of the tuition fees will be refunded once all required documents have been received. Under extenuating circumstances, we may grant credit transfers and place lessons on hold until you decide to resume them.

7. Requests for Lesson/Instrument Changes
Asit is costly to the instructors and ESOM to process frequent schedule adjustments, a $20.00 administrative fee will be charged for every permanent lesson day/time and instrument change you request. Please note that any request must be made between you and the instructor with an administrator at the front desk; it is difficult to keep track of requests and changes when the front desk is not notified.

8. Suspension of Students
We reserve the right to suspend students and terminate lessons for any inappropriate conduct or breach of this contract. No refunds will be issued for suspended students.

9. Cancellation of Instruction
We reserve the right to withdraw any lessons or programs, substitute an instructor, and close the school at any time without notice or any liability other than to refund tuition fees received for lessons cancelled due to withdrawal or closing. We will exercise this right only in light of exceptional circumstances, such as flooding, fire, etc.

10. Requirement for Online Lessons
If required to by local governmental authorities, we may limit capacity for In-Person Lessons or not hold In-Person Lessons at all. Students registered for InPerson Lessons may be required to switch to Online Lessons (requiring students to have internet access and a working electronic device that will allow them to video-call with an instructor). We reserve the right to continue to charge you until the end of the notice period for a withdrawal (Section 6).

11. Drop Off and Pick Up
You are responsible for knowing when lessons begin and end, and dropping off and picking up your children on time. Should you fail to pick up your children after lessons have ended—regardless of the reason—you agree to waive all claims against Elite School of Music and it’s owners, staff, and instructors for any liability, loss, cost, damage, medical expense, long-term care or emotional distress arising out of any personal injury which may occur to any of your children while on the premises of or under the instruction, supervision, or control of Elite School of Music.